PT. Wahana Mitra Prima Internasional

PT. Wahana Mitra Prima Internasional is an Indonesian company engaged in QHSE training and consulting services, manpower supply & suppliers on industrial oil and gas activities.

As a training institution in the city of Batam PT. Wahana Mitra Prima Internasional have 46th generations Alumni Competence in some areas of professional competence in the world of oil and gas, joined in several professional competencies, QHSE Operators & supervisors, Operators & quality control scaffolding, Rigger and crane operators in the oil and gas and non oil and gas sectors.

Somenational and international companies operating in Riau Islands province have been working together through our training institute called “Risk Analysis System Institute” (ARSI Learning Centre) already put some of our alumni to join on their company.

Our vision:

Develop and creating professional competence of workers in the industry able to contend globally and create networks for the compliance of the needs of industry

Our mision:

Be an institution that creates competent individual values